Linked Images in Writer Have BINARY DATA Persisted??

I was astonished to see that in ver., EVEN IF YOUR IMAGE IS A LINK, LibreOffice Writer still persists SERIALIZED BINARY DATA for the image within the .fodt file, thus increasing its size by a factor of 20, and, most importantly, creating ambiguity and breaking the SINGLE REPRESENTATION law:

– the whole idea of a LINK is that NO IMAGE DATA is stored ANYWHERE in the document;

– the image is kept external for a reason: to separate concerns, e.g. graphic designers work with images, authors work with text;

– by duplicating the image data WITHIN the document you create havoc, not just increase the file size.

Have you guys heard about the DRY principle, or Single Representation principle, or Single Source of Truth principle, or Separation of Concerns principle?? You gave us a pretty awesome, professional Office Suite, I can’t believe it, this can’t be happening!

Notice: this is not happening in 6.0, I shredded, and reinstalled, everything’s great, not just “great”, it’s CORRECT.

So far :frowning: Please return to sanity.

Love you, thanks for all your good work, sorry if any of this sounded rough. But look, if it’s a defect, great. If it’s “BY DESIGN”, however, that’ll preclude me (and users like me) from using LibreOffice again. That’s the reality of it.

Thank you very much! Of course, each user on this peer-to-peer Ask site have read this, and got ashamed of committing all these sins. Especially written by a person who undoubtedly knows how things must be done, e.g., how to read a site’s rules about appropriate and not appropriate questions.

If you believe you’ve found a bug (which is quite possible), you should report it to bug tracker.

@alexandervolkov: Please report the issue as a bug to and add a link to the report here either by editing your original post or by adding a comment