Linked text on file open displayed as default ARIEL and not the last saved font style?

hi when i create a doc with linked referenced text (in this case “applicant name”) and set the applicant name as a signature style folt “Bradley Hand ITC” it displayes and works ok,
but when i close the file and re open it it shows up as default ARIEL … why ???

is his a fault or do i need to do something to lock it in ?

…when i create a doc…

  1. Do you mean “document” or “DOC” file?

  2. In which file format do you save?

…with linked referenced text…

  1. Where does the link go, to the same document, to another document, or to the Internet?

  2. Which operating system and LibreOffice version are you working with?

ok thanks … you made me look and re assess.
its a *.odt to *.doc save issue and the set font is lost.
it could be a font legacy issue.

FYI, the text is entered by bookmark crossref references.
and the inserted by … insert > cross-reference > bookmark > references > select Applicant_name. > press insert > change font to “bradley hand itc” > save as *.doc > exit > reopen *.doc > name font has defaulted back to ariel.

it works ok in *.docx and *.odt

see attached if you want to satisfy your curiosity.
but in the big scheme of issues … no worries … thanks for the pointer.

test doc to show font changes on open.doc (20 KB)

LibreOffice version:

why is my post line spacing not working … ho hummm!


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