Linking data from different spreadsheet

I want to automatically copy and update data in selected cells from one spreadsheet into another in same workbook, how do I achieve this?

Assuming for this example that there are two sheets: Sheet1 (where do you update data) and Sheet2 (where do you see data).

If data is in cell A1 of Sheet1, and wish to see it in cell B2 of Sheet2:

  • go to Sheet2, click on cell B2
  • type =
  • select Sheet1 (clicking on Sheet1 tab)
  • click on cell A1 of Sheet1
  • press Enter

It will result in a formula like =#Sheet1.A1.

If cell A1 in Sheet1 is empty, this formula will show 0.

LibreOffice Help on Calculating With Formulas.

Also can assign names to cells, and use a name after the =. LibreOffice Help on Naming Cells.

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Thankyou Leroy, that has solved my problem. best wishes

Glad to hear that.

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