linking image by drag and drop using ctrl+shift result in wrong path


whenever I insert an image by dragging and dropping while pressing ctrl+shift keys, it results in a linked image, but with a wrong path (see picture below)

the image is displayed correctly on the original machine, but it return an error if I open the document on another one.

The path is correct if I insert the image using the menu option (*insert>image…") and tick the link option as shown below

As you can see in the above pictures, the drag and drop linking method change the file path, usually inserting ~ symbol. In this example only the filename got messed up, but I encountered cases when other part of path get changed causing trouble for other users that accessed the document from another location.

ctrl+shift method is the more convenient way to inserting liked image for me. This random issue really bugs me out.

Please file a bug report, and then comment here with a link to it.

Here the link at the bug report

Thank you!