Linking text from a merged cell

I am trying to link (copy) text that is in a merged cell on one sheet, to a merged cell on another sheet (in the same workbook). In the destination cell, I have typed =, then the address of the source cell. All I get in the destination cell is the reference to the source cell IE: Sheet1.A1, instead of the text that is in Sheet1.A1.

If I un-merge both cells, everything works as it should. Unfortunately, this is no good for what I am trying to achieve, as I need both source and destination cells to be merged to certain sizes, so that they look appropriate, for data (text) entry on the source sheet, and for printing on the destination sheet.

Any ideas ? Thank you.

Verify destination cell is not formatted as text @.

Thank you. That fixed it. Bless LO Ask.

I have another related question, but I’ll post it as a new item.

Question answered in comments but not closed.

Verify destination cell is not
formatted as text @. -m.a.riosv