Linking to multiple photos in Base?


I’m trying to put together a inventory-type database for some equipment - as this is for insurance purposes, I’d like to include a photo of each item. All straightforward, I can link to a photo - the problem is some items have more than one photo, such as a close up of the serial number or mark and an ‘overview’ type pic. Is this possible at all?

My other question is that some items have accessories - like a carry case or modifier for example. It would be cool to be able to link these items together. It’s been years since I created a database, my mind has gone totally blank.

Just in case it’s needed, I’m running LibreOffice on Bodhi Linux.

hi Spudboy,

how about using a one to many database design.
putting all photos in a separate table and crating a relationship between the tables with say an inventoryID.

Hi uglybug, ah ok, that sounds like what I’m after. Cool, I shall look into a one-to-many design, thanks :slight_smile: