Links corrupted when converting to Word

When I save a copy of my LibreOffice odt document in Microsoft Word, some of the internal hyperlinks are corrupted (including in the original document). When I bring the Word document into Calibre to create an epub, these corrupted links are included in the NCX, even though the bookmarks they target are preceded by ref_ .

If I correct them in the original document and save another copy to Word, the same or other links are corrupted and again included in the NCX. The selection of which links are corrupted seems random.

External links are fine.

Please what your LO version and OS?, by the you can export to epub from LibreOffice.

I’m running LO on a Mac OS 10.11.6. I’m aware LO exports to epub, but SmashWords requests a Word document.

Please file this as bug report, and attach a sample ODT with such links, that breaks when exported to DOC(?).

Same problem in version version of Calc. The links have “%00” appended to the end over and over again. Clearly Calc/Writer are not ready for release and should be reworked or the code scraped and rewritten from scratch.

Smashwords supports direct importing as an EPUB and LibreOffice supports creating an EPUB.

Why don’t you save the document directly as an EPUB? LibreOffice supports EPUB 3.0 and 2.0. You would not expect to save Writer documents as the old .doc file formats. .doc does not support much of LibreOffice function. EXPORT AS > EXPORT AS EPUB

Why should any user have to change their file format because of buggy code?


  1. You are on Ask site, where users try to help users to do what they need. If one way doesn’t work, including bugs, workarounds are suggested. It’s rude and not smart to ask those who try to help you find a way to make your job done things like “why should any user have to do what you suggest to reach one’s goal”.
  2. If you are here not to find some way to do the job, but to report a bug, then you are in the wrong place. As mentioned, file a proper bug report.