Links in ppsx presentation not working

Hi to all.
My daughter’s teacher sends her ppsx files with homework.
In the presentation there are arrows in the bottom right and left corner for “next” and “previous” slide. It also has mathematical equations with two answers that she has to choose from. Correct answer should take her to a “Congratulations” page and wrong answer should take her to a “Try again” page.
On my Windows 10 with Microsoft Office laptop it works just fine but on her laptop running Linux Mint with LibreOffice it doesn’t work. Wherever you click it just takes you to the next slide. There is no interaction.
And when I run the file, the presentation starts straight away and when it ends it closes Impress so it doesn’t give me the chance to look around for any setting I could change…
Any help would be highly appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!

Try right-clicking a slide and choosing “Edit presentation”.

Anyway, filing a bug looks like correct thing to do.

You were right. Right clicking does allow me to edit it.
For the active links you think I should file a bug report…
I’ll have a look around and if I don’t find anything I will.
Thanks for the quick response!!!