Links to external web data not updating

I have linked a tab/sheet to a table of data on a website, and I set it to automatically update every 600 seconds. I’ve done this to multiple different tables on the web. These are tables of prices which change by the minute.

Unfortunately, the data will not update, even though the file has been opened a dozen times, and has been kept open for much more than 10 minutes (600 seconds).

So, anyone know how to get tables of data linked to a website’s table to update in Calc? I don’t want a cell to update; I want all of the cells in multiple sheets to update.

Using LibreOffice Version: (x64)

Sorry for the quick post (now deleted). Supposedly you can do this with tables. Haven’t tried. Can you post what you are trying to link to? If in fact it is an HTML table it works. Just tested.

Just one (the simplest) example, a table of metals pricing data:

I have raw pricing data regarding stocks, bonds, etc. imported into a sheet. The first import works fine. But, the prices will not update.

Have set link as stated. One problem at this time is I don’t actually see any change occurring on the web site. The Calc document does show as updating (Save indicator goes on after my 60 second setting occurs). For a further test, I deleted portions of the columns and after the time specified (again 60 sec) the table was refreshed. Did this multiple times with different areas. Based on what is shown it seems to be working.

And you are not doing anything to get it to refresh the data? It is updating every 60 seconds without pushing a button or selecting a command from a menu item?

I just inserted a new link to the same table, and set it to a 20 second update. I deleted some data, as you did, and it was updated after 20 seconds. I guess I will try to re-insert the tables as links to the web data. Perhaps I did something wrong when inserting them.

Should I delete this question? Or leave it up until I confirm that all the new tables refresh?

The only thing done is save the file to clear the indicator (and also to delete some items in the columns). Then wait the allotted time & save indicator goes on (and data is refreshed if deleted before).

Best to leave it up. Just glad yours is now working.

Thank you for your time!

@Tacitus Just a note. Found this site: Cryptocurrency and these prices update regularly. Changes in sheet noticeable.