linux: How to open path in LO with single click


I’m using LibreOffice Version: under Linux OS in German language.
I also use Plasma, where I set to open paths with a single click. I want to open paths in file handling in LibreOffice modules (Writer, Draw, Calc…) with one (single) click also.

How can I achieve this? If not possible to explain for German menu and settings in LO, then at least English settings would be ok.

Thank you in advance.


Also posted at file management - LibreOffice for Linux: How to open paths in LO with single click - Super User.

Menu/Tools/Options/LIbreOffice/Security - Security options and warnings - options - Ctrl+click required to follow hyperlinks.

Sorry, but this doesn’t work for me, neither checked nor unchecked box:
“Menu/Tools/Options/LIbreOffice/Security - Security options and warnings - options - Ctrl+click required to follow hyperlinks.”
And yes, I closed LO and reopened it again. But in the right window with directory contents, I can’t open a displayed (sub) directory with a single click. I still need to double click.
Simple question: Why does LO not use the built in file manager (here in Plasma it is Dolphin) like Firefox does?

If you refer to the file picker, I think it’s not possible. If you look at Help → About LibreOffice you’ll see which VCL plugin is in use: most probably it’s either the gtk2 or the gtk3 one so you are basically using the gnome file picker on a Plasma environment, and gnome’s file picker does not offer a great deal of configuration options. Everything you can do to change the file picker behaviour is available on a right click, and as you can see, the options are really scarce.

I have Standard VCL: gtk3.
How can I change the file picker? I would prefer the built in Plasma Dolphin (or at least the behaviour of Dolphin) like Firefox does.

Sadly, you can’t. A Qt5/Plasma VCL plugin is in development, but it will take time. There is a kde4 plugin that sports a KDE file picker, but I do not recommend to use it: it’s loaded with problems (UI elements not being displayed, for example), so for now it’s the GTK3 plugin, even on Plasma.