Linux installation - Error: Cannot satisfy dependencies

kubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit

LibO 4.2.7 was installed in the kubuntu repository - I want to keep this as the still branch of LIbO and install parallel to that the fresh branch. Therefore no uninstallation was made.

Downloaded and unpacked the tarbal
Unpacked folder: LibreOffice_4.3.5.2_Linux_x86-64_deb
Inside: readmes & DEBS
Opened DEBS
Selected all files
Right clicked and selected Open with > QApt Package Installer

Result: for each package the error message “Cannot satisfy dependencies”.

I appreciate help on how to install the 4.3 version parallel to the installed 4.2 version.

Thanks in advance!

What are your /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* contents to rule out missing repos ?

Read the readme inside the ./readmes/ folder, and follow the instructions

In short you have to change into the DEBS-folder open from there a Terminal and enter the command:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

repeat this with the Languagepackage|s and the Language_help-package|s

See EDIT in my answer

@karolus - Thanks for your patience with a bloody newbie like me! I followed the wiki rather than the readme in READMES. Sorry.

The readme says:

Open a file manager window, and change directory to the one starting with “LibreOffice_”, followed by the version number and some platform information.

This sentence is completely unclear to me. Just based on an earlier comment of your I gues the following.

Does the above statement from the read-me file means I have to create a path and folder like


I checked my root and found the opt folder. Thus, do I just need to create a new folder there and call this new folder “LibreOffice_4.3”?

The /opt/ folder I took from an earlier answer of yours.

Ok, it seems in $kubuntu is no entry or contextmenuentry by default to open a Terminal from Filemanager.

So you need to open a Terminal and cd subfolder/DEBS/ and in next step sudo dpkg -i *.deb

@karolus - The context menu allows me to open a terminal. Your previous explanation made me understand that. — My problem is the “LibreOffice_4.3” folder and the - for me incomprehensible - explanations in the readme text. Thus, is my understanding as described in above answer correct? If not what is wrong or what do I need to do instead?

Yes, the sentennce Open a file manager window, and change directory to the one starting with "LibreOffice_", followed by the version number and some platform information. confuse you because at the moment you read it, youre already in a subfolder of the directory in Question.

→→change to parent-folder and then into `DEBS`

@karolus - Thanks a lot!!! Without your help I would not have be able to do it. Installation went very well. As for the language packs, to find the GUI for Japanese is a bit tricky; it is hinden behind the help file for other languages > Japanese. ---- Based on my newbie experience and your help as the expert, I am ready to write a few lines modification text for installation wiki and the readme file. Description from a newbie’s point of view. Do you know whomwhich group is best to be contacted?