Linux Libertine in LO but not installed on Mac?

Hello, I am using LibreOffice on OS X.

In LibreOffice, I have the Linux Libertine (Display and G) and Linux Biolinum fonts. However, when I occasionally have to use other software, those fonts aren’t available. Did LibreOffice install them someplace differently than where other fonts are installed on OS X? Is there any reason these fonts can’t be installed like regular OS X fonts?

Update to 4.3.4:


have a look into /?/Libreoffice4.1/share/fonts/truetype/

replace ? by your Parent-Directory for Libre-installation.

I’m sure you can copy|install these Fonts into your System-fonts.

For clarification: In Finder, go to Applications. Control-click on, select ‘Show package contents’: Contents → Share → Fonts etc.

In LibreOffice I found this in: /Applications/LibreOffice/Contents/Resources/fonts/truetype

In LibreOffice I found this in: /Applications/LibreOffice/Contents/Resources/fonts/truetype