Linux / LibreOffice Workshops in Germany - German Spell Checking


thanks for your work with LibreOffice - its great :slight_smile:

Per default only English and Spanish Spell checking is installed and i had a hard time installing the German Version of it.

Available downloads
There are no available software files in this release yet.
→ this is not very helpful.

I manage to find this file:

and managed to install it with the Extension Manager → Add Button in Version:

It would be great, if that would be included into that Download, so people do not have to install it manually.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

argh… and the dictionary does not know “Open-Source”, “Oper-Source” “Opel-Source” :smiley: is not the same.

How can i / community help to improve that?

respect & best regards

  1. English and Spanish are among most spoken languages of the world, second and third only to Chinese. German is not in Top-10 (as per Wikipedia at least). Those who need German (and/or other languages) should download respective language packs (Übersetzte Benutzeroberfläche auf Deutsch in German) that normally include spellcheck dictionaries as well. Or simply install required dictionary extensions. That is how it works. Including a ton of languages into the main distribution would be superfluous.
  2. If you want to contribute to a spellcheck dictionary, contact its developer(s)/maintainer(s) (their contact details can be found in the downloaded package) and present your suggestions. If the dictionary is no longer maintained and is a free one (as most of them are), you may consider undertaking to maintain it.

When you install LibreOffice, don’t select Full or Default install but Custom install. Then select all languages that you want for the user interface and the dictionaries. They are all included in the install file, that’s why it’s so big.

You can run the install file again and select Modify install or repair install, and then add German.