linux: stable start command

When starting lo (eg writer) from the linux command line, the commands

lowriter or libreoffice --writer

should work. However when working with the freshest version, it seems necessary to enter

libreoffice6.3 --writer

which is ok, but when a new version of lo comes out, the command has to be changed. Is there a stable command which will continue to work with new versions?

LO 6.4.2 Ubuntu 18.04


you seem to mix packages and their respective implementations

Ubuntu/PPA libreoffice is made by Ubuntu base packaged or by PPA repositories

In fact libreoffice (which is in /usr/bin/) is just a symbolic link to real installation directory of distribution specific packages in /usr/lib/libreoffice/ (see also ls -l $(which libreoffice)

The Document Foundation:libreoffice6.3 --writer is to be used if you download from TDF ( directly. For sure you could replace the symbolic link of Ubuntu packages to use libreoffice6.3, which by the way is also a smbolic link to the installation directory of TDF packages into /opt/libreoffice6.3/program/soffice

Having said this: It depends on from where you install your LibreOffice and if you stick with PPA (which is the recommended way, if you are unsure why to go another way), the libreoffice will always work, since this one replaces just gets linked to the new version (this also means: If you use LibreOffice PPA, you can have one release only at a time).

Thank you, opaque, for a useful route map. Yes I have downloaded lo from TDF. (I began doing so when certain problems I had were solved in the newest version.) So the question now becomes, Is there a way to have a version-independent command for the latest TDF LO without having to update symbolic links every release?