Linux vs Windows versions

I am running both Linux mint 17.3 and windows 10, and accessing my data files from both OS using a dropbox folder. I noticed that when I open an ods file with LO Calc, column widths are different in windows as compared to Linux. One column was 2.54cm in windows, but 3.25cm in Linux. Another column was 2.49cm in windows and 3.20cm in Linux. Other than column width, I didn’t notice any other differences.

The Linux version of Libreoffice is, and Windows version is I have another windows machine running libreoffice 4.4 and the column widths are the same as 5.5.2, so I don’t think it is a problem with the libreoffice version, but rather the different operating system.

What’s the reason for this happening? How can I standardise the files across Linux and Windows?

Oops, the file was an excel file. Once I converted it to an ods file, the compatibility issues went away. However, I work with a lot of excel files for clients who use excel and don’t have LO, so if someone has an answer, I’d be grateful.

if the excel file is in xlsx format, try converting it to xls format, as it seems to be better supported by libreoffice, or encourage your clients to use libreoffice as it is free :slight_smile: