List Combining is driving me crazy

41. Exampe 
   whatever paragraph here
1. Numbering reset to 1??
   Another non numbered
2. Numbering continues, but using add to list doesn't do anything at all.

What is the problem? What is the question? What do you want to achieve?

Please don’t answer these questions with a comment but edit your question to make it understandable. Describe how you create your list. Attach a sample file for further diagnostic. Don’t forget to mention OS name, LO version and save format. Remember that most advanced features (list numbering is one of them) are guaranteed only in native format.

Can you please try to explain what you are trying to achieve and how you are attempting to do it a little more clearly?

For example:

Type a paragraph.

Start a numbered list with list item 1.

Add a non-numbered paragraph after list item one.

Continue list after this paragraph with list item 2.

I literally can’t find the edit button on this site. I looked on firefox and chrome.

I pasted these in from a pdf. The number 1 in the list should be 42, not 1.

There are paragraphs between the numbers.

Saying ‘add to list’ fails to change the 1 to 42.

The “edit button” is hidden under the “…” icon below the question or comment. It will expand into a set of tolls, among which a “pencil”.

Pasting from PDF will result in “pure” text without the list property. In addition, since PDF is a frozen display format, you’ll frequently have spurious paragraph breaks at unexpected location. Attach a short sample file for analysis.