listbox reseting/valuelist

my valuelist works a few times and then it stops working. First, it does not show any data in the database, when I do select something it writes always the first value into the database.
Any idea?

Edit: no base writes always 0 into the database.

OS: Linux Mint 17.2, LibreOffice 5.x

First, when posting, it is usually helpful if you include what operating system you are using and which version of LO.

Having used the listbox since v4.4.x I haven’t seen any problems.

On the properties of the listbox Data tab, make sure List content is blank. The Valuelist entries are placed under the General tab as shown. If you wish to have a Default selection, after you enter the entries, select the ellipsis “…” next to Default selection and make your choice from the dialog box. The only other thing is to make sure you have the correct Data field in the Data tab.

The entries may be entered as shown or use the dropdown arrow, enter your item (without " or ; ) and then to enter another item hold ‘Shift’ and press ‘Enter’ to go to the next line. Continue until all entries are done.


Yes, this way it works. But not if you want to show a different content, e.g.
A= Example 1
B= Example 2

Users cannot work with just numbers (1,2,3). They need an explanation what (1,2,3) is.

Not understanding your comment. I changed the image in the answer to show you can pretty much list what you want. I also included the Table result using the Valuelist.

I have now included a sample DB in the original answer. Created on Mint 17.3 (Rosa) using LO v5.1.3.2 Please note there are many differences between v5.0.x and v5.1.x

Seems to be a bug. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. No idea.


@Ratslinger - I understand differently the 1st comment of @cmpd

It is possible to display list entries different that is stored.

  • The entries displayed must be entered on the General tab▸List entries
  • The stored values must be entered on the Data tab▸List content

See ValueListSample.odb


@PYS you may be correct. However I did have a previous sample displayed showing the list with just A, B, C, D… in the list which is what possibly prompted the comment. I then changed it to display some other options. Aside from that, your sample provides another aspect for consideration. Much appreciated.