Listbox unable to select first item

Hi! I am using LibreOffice ubuntu package version Writer and trying to include a listbox on my form with two choices. It works fine in LO, but when I export it as a pdf and attempt to use in document viewer i have a problem with selecting the first item in my list box. It seems that I can only select the second item in the list box the first time i try to populate it and only after selecting the second item can i then select the other first item. If I try initially selecting the first item it just results in a blank empty box. I have yet to try and see if this problem persists in any other pdf viewers, e.g. adobe. any advice? thanks!

How did you perform the PDF export?
Test with Adobe Reader to rule out errors.
Please upload a test file with the problem here. Thank you.

I created a workaround by just leaving the first entry in the list box blank. I’ll test the pdf in adobe tomorrow when i get access to windows machine.