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I’ve recently moved from Microsoft Office. I’m on Windows 10 Home, May (2004) update and Writer 6.3. I’ve got hundreds of existing files in DOC and DOCX which are basically lists. They all display fine but there’s one thing I don’t understand. If text is highlighted in any list item, once the document is closed and re-opened all the list numbers in the entire document have acquired the highlighting, and it isn’t removed by applying no-fill. The problem persists even when I save the DOC file as ODF. But, if I create a new list document in ODF and convert it to DOC(X), things are fine. This is a problem because I was in the habit of using highlighting to flag areas of text for later editing.

How can I stop this happening.

I’ve met many compatibility problems with lists in .doc(x) format. How is your document saved once you opened it with Writer? .doc(x) or native format .odt?

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Please provide a short (one page max) sample document with the problem. Attach it to your question by using the edit link and the “paper clip” tool. Files cannot be attached to comments.

From your edit, the problem is probably in M$ encoding and the way it is understood by Writer. Attach a sample file as requested. Make it short (1 page max) still showing the “bug”.

Compatibility problems between M$ and LibreOffice cannot be excluded in every case.

In case you want to work with LibreOffice permanently, it is recommended to save files in ODF format.

Basically for LibreOffice:

Always create and save your files in LibreOffice and save them in ODF format (ODT, ODS, etc.).
Always keep these files as their source. If you need other formats for distribution to partners, you can open an ODF file and save and distribute another format with ″ Save as… ″.

This way, you always have working files available in your system environment.



Please report the behavior as a bug in Bugzilla .

Please announce the link from the bug here.

To do this, edit your initial question. Thank you.


I hope I could help you, even if it’s not a quick fix.

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 2004; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

I was hoping this behaviour was the result of some default setting in Writer that only manifested under certain conditions and that i could toggle off globally, but I think it obviously is a compatibility issue with MS Word. What seems to work is to select the top list item, then hit ‘Toggle Numbered List’ and select the appropriate numbering option. The list number highlighting disappears permanently, even after I apply new highlights to the actual text. This seems to deal with the problem on a file by file basis.

If you find some compatibility issue with MS Word, and don’t file a bug with a sample file, so that it could be reproduced and fixed, then you are not doing the necessary step to resolve the issue. Please do file a bug report, regardless if you find a workaround or not.

Before asserting it is a bug, it would be preferable to check other possibilities by power users (no offense intended). So, attach a sample file as requested.

Also, your “answer” does not solve the issue and should have been a comment under @Hrbrgr’s answer or under the question itself.