Live table extraction

I have a table with Covid-19 data which grows one line/country/day, see attachment. My purpose is to extract all the lines from one country, for instance Portugal, to another sheet without going through the process of searching the lines I want. I need it to happen automatically. In destination sheet the data should always start on line 2.
Is there a way to achieve such thing?
Thank you for your help.

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Is that a problem?

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Ok. I understand.
But I was not getting many suggestions here and I could use all the help I could get.
Best regards.

Just use the Standard Filter

If you do everything right, you will get this result Covid-Portugal.ods

… and “Keep filter criteria” checkbox is also relevant to the “I need it to happen automatically” requirement.

keep filter criteria

Thank you for your suggestion.
I have to add another aspect to my question. I thought the answer would be adjustable to the extraction of others country data to others country’s sheets. For Instance Portugal’s data to Portugal’s sheet, USA’s data to USA’s sheet, and so on. But your answer seems only applicable to one country, is it so?

Thank you, again. I’ll try to see how to adapt you answer to my needs.

I’ve tried and I can’t see how to have multiple standard filters at once. Can you help me?
Best regards

I’ve found a way, not the one I’d like but it works.
I’ve created a Base file which table source is the the overall datasheet. Made a Query for each country I want to extract the data. Then, on Calc, with Data Sources on, I run each query to update the information on each Sheet.
Now, the downside of this procedure. It does not automatically update the data on each Sheet, must copy and paste.
Does anyone knows how to do it?
Covid DB.odb