LO 3.6 installation problem: Bad registry path

I installed LO 3.6 after reading about all improvements on the web. My vista installation just does not start as registry entries are not proper. I am writing following description from my memory.

“C:/Program Files/LO3.6/…/share/$some rdb files$” are showsn as unacceptable registries.

I made an exercise to delete the first .rdb file but other pop in again so I undid my action.

If it is corrected by removing (…/ from “LO3.6/…/share” to make it like “LO3.6/share”) I feel that program may work again.

Kindly let me know if further details are needed.

Please have a look at
Fatal Error Unhandled Exception

This helped me to tackle the situation. Now LO 3.6 is working nicely, upto my satisfaction.