LO 5.0 writer, calc printing images

i’ve added a small (600x300) jpg image to a writer document as well as into a calc but neither print the image to the paper. on the other hand i can see this image in a print preview or i can export document to a pdf and print it with including inserted image. instead of image a funky line of undefined shape is printed right of the top of the paper. the same thing happend in calc. otherwise printer works well. exported pdf print is perfect, also other applications prints well. and if only image is inserted (without any text) than a blanka page coming out of printer. any idea?

I have the exact same issue. This started happening with LibreOffice 5.x. When I print a text document that has a graphic, the graphic is not printed. Instead, there is a black “smudge” across the top of the page. Printing the same file with OpenOffice 3.4.1 and previous versions of LibreOffice does not have this problem. Exporting the document to PDF and printing it also does not have this problem. So its clearly a regression in LibreOffice.

Specs: LibreOffice, Windows

Oh, is there a bug number or issue number I can follow?

I have the same problem (LO in Write and in Draw; neither will print a .jpg image inserted in the page - but symbols and text boxes added to the image do print, even when image, symbols and text boxes are grouped. This is a big problem for me so I hope someone comes up with an answer soon.

I too have this problem, and have searched extensively on line to get an answer, without success. It seems a lot of people have the same issue.

The notorious OpenGL/OpenCL bug. See reply to Q64314.