LO 5.1.0 major regression

After updating to 5.1.0 I have a major issue.
When opening LO common, the sidebar is empty. I just can’t open writer, calc, open a file or anything else. It’s just empty. There’s also no more options. When I go to Tools/options, I can access the menu but all menu items are empty.
I’m on Vista. I have reinstalled 5.0.4 and it works perfectly. I’ve tried and done the installation several times. No way, regular or portable it’s the same. Any idea of what could be the issue ?
Would it be possible to look at what has been changed between 5.0.4 and 5.1.0 that can affect the sidebar and options content ?

Another case of the blacklist issue with OpenGL, I think.
Cf. Icons missing in Writer