LO 5.1.1, Windows 10 Build 14295: All windows blank


I’ve just installed LibreOffice on a fresh Windows 10 build 14295 build and all windows are blank. The application is alive, and keyboard shortcuts work – but no menus, dialogs, or document content is rendered.

This seemed similar to THIS issue (below) but the answers for that issue refer to registry entries that do not exist and entries in registrymodifications.xcu that do not exist.

So… that’s annoying.

The link for the other issue is:

This might be a serious case of the OpenGL bugs. Try the following: If you can get into the options dialog (Alt+T+O with an English UI) you should look at ‘LibreOffice’ > ‘View’ and remove the checkmark from ‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’.

Regarding the OpenGL version you may first read this wiki page.

You may also try the most recent ReleaseCandidate V5.1.2.2. It will be more stable with this respect.

Well, the dialog ITSELF doesn’t render as I mentioned in my original message so it isn’t possible to look at that setting. I did actually try navigating to the appropriate field using tab (by going through the motions on a Windows system that LO is working on calculating the right combination of keys to get to the checkbox and change it) but I wasn’t successful.

I’ll see if I can figure out where to get the release candidate from.

All the versions of LibO ever published you find in the Index of /libreoffice/old , the one version mentioned in Index of /libreoffice/old/ . Ignore the ‘old’ in the path. It’s meaningless. This just for completion.
??? My notifications page also showed me a comment by @denia to the effect that the problem was solved via the wiki link given in my answer above. Where did that comment go? Deleted willfully?

Ok, so, some updates in case anyone has this problem:

  1. Upgrading to had no effect whatsoever.

  2. The wiki article linked by Lupo (OpenGL - The Document Foundation Wiki) did actually help me out, though – I put the registry fragment is said to download into a .reg file, double-clicked it, and all my problems went away.

That article also made me think of something. The system I am running LO on is a virtual machine (Workstation 11). When I created the virtual machine, I clicked the “accelerate 3d graphics” toggle in the graphics card setup which is not something I normally do. Windows, and every other application I use, seem fine but I suspect that LO is the only OpenGL application on my system. Perhaps the virtualization driver does not support OpenGL well (or at all).

Even if that is the case, though, I would expect LO to do something sane – like check if there is support available before assuming there will be.

I did install the OpenGL Extensions tool and the text the WIKI asks for is:

Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on SVGA3D; build: RELEASE;
Vendor: VMware, Inc.
Memory: 1024 MB
Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.0 (git-5da4fa2)
Shading language version: 1.20