LO images are all grainy and mostly black

I am running LO on ubuntu 16.04 there were some updates to LO recently, and now Writer displays all of the images in all of my documents (ott & odf) all messed up. The images are almost entirely black and really grainy.

The following may provide some clues:

I have made no changes to anything in LO before the problem started. When exported to .pdf they show up right. I looked everywhere for clues, and the only thing I could find was under “tools>options>LibreOffice>view” The “Use graphics acceleration” that I always had enabled is now disabled and grayed out, so I can not change it back. My graphics card does support hardware acceleration.

I tried deselecting “Use open GL” but it did nothing, and changing the openCl options (I never had those before, and nothing related seems to be installed on my PC), and changing those settings did not change a thing either. From what I can tell openCL is NVidea related, and I do not have an Nvidia or NVidea based graphics card. I have an older AMD Radion 7 card.

The original image sizes and resolutions are exactly as I display them in the documents (not scaled, stretched or cropped) because I made them to fit to avoid issues in the first place. They are @ 300ppi and that is the resolution I have selected in the print settings of LO. When I change the scaling in either direction in the “Image format” dialogue under “Crop” the image color and resolution looks right, but of course that also distorts them, and that is not what I want.

This is a big problem because the documents are service agreements, work orders, invoices and receipts for my business, and the images are their headers and contain my logo and the document titles!