LO read only issue - Linux

I’m running Linux Mint 18.1 and using LibreOffice and everything was fine up until today when I did an update that included an update for LibreOffice. Since then, all of my documents open as read-only. There is a yellow message bar up the top of the screen that says, “this document is open in read-only mode” with a button on the side that says Edit Document. Yet even after I click on that button, I am unable to save in the document itself. It wants me to create or new document or overwrite the old one.

If I try to overwrite I get the following message:
Error saving the document:
Object not accessible.
The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights.

From what I can see when I click on document properties, the Owner access is Read and Write, but the group access is Read-Only. I can’t figure how to change this or if there is something else I should be trying to change first. But this is driving me insane as I use LibreOffice every day and I NEED to be able to edit my own documents. Any help/suggestions is highly appreciated!

This sounds(!) like a real permission issue on Linux Mint, which nothing got to do with LibreOffice. Are you able to store any files on your $HOME directory on Linux using any other application ? Have you changed your User ID on Mint?

Please provide output (from a konsole terminal) of:

  1. ls -l $HOME
  2. ls -l <path_of_file_not_being_editable>
  3. id

Please edit your question, if you are adding additional information. Do not use “Post Your Answer”, if you do not answer your own question.

Well I tried to switch on my laptop today to give this a go and now it won’t even boot up properly, so yeah I think it’s definitely a Linux problem. Still working on a way to fix the booting errors but if I ever get around that, maybe it’ll fix all my issues with LO