LO 5.3.1Base report conditional formatting

I created a simple report from an Invoices table, where each row shows one invoice with its data. There is also a currency formatted field showing the balance, and I would like that field to be written in three different colors based on its value: black and bold if it is more than one cent, red if it’s less than -1 cent, or italic and grey if between -0.01 and 0.01.
I used conditional formatting on the Balance field, and at first (I only gave one condition) my report worked as expected.
Later I added the other two conditions, and suddenly the conditional formatting stopped working: all the rows showed the Balance in the default Currency formatting instead of the one I chose.
I tried putting back one single condition in the Conditional Formatting for the Balance field, but it took no effect.
Can somebody help me?
Francesco esempio.odb

Ciao, can you attach a sample of your database? (no sensitive data).

Edit: You must use the decimal point, not a comma.

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Ciao! I don’t know if I can add an attachment… I’ll try to.

Ok. Added esempio.odb.

Perfect! Thank you!