LO Basic editor text hard to read

I have been using LibreOfficeDev 5.3.6, as the standard version in the Fedora repositories had a number of issues. In LibreOfficeDev, the characters displayed in the Basic editor were nice and bright.

I have just installed LO5.4.2.2-2 and the characters displayed in the Basic editor are very pale - almost illegible to my older eyes, making it impossible to work on the application I am building. Is there a setting somewhere that I can change to increase the character intensity?

Any help gratefully accepted.
Kind regards,


I don’t know about increasing ‘character intensity’. You may want to change the font (perhaps even bold) or the size for the Basic editor. From menu Tools->Options then under LibreOfice->Fonts the choices are near lower center portion of the dialog.

Thanks Ratslinger. I must have done that previously and the upgrade to 5.4 did not pick it up.All good now. ":sunglasses: