LO 6.1 - Impress -> blue rectangles

I use LibreOffice 6.1 on an Ubuntu machine, but run into the problem that I see 2 blue rectangles on my slides that I can not remove. It is probably something very simple, but I can not remove it from the slides. Someone a suggestion? I now use LibrreOffice for a number of years, but it was not until 6.1 that I got these blue rectangles.

Does anyone have a solution?

Yes, annoying little blots! They are ‘dare’ and ‘footer’ fields on the master slide. (there are actually 3 - I don’t know why the third, ‘number’, does not display.)

View-Master Slide; click on each and delete; View-normal.

You could save that as your default template, but I always start from a previous presentation so it doesn’t matter.

Actually, there are three boxes. They have the function “date / time”, “footer” and “slide number”. If you don’t need them, you can of course delete them. Go to the sidebar (F11), select “Properties”. There you click on the button “master view”. In the master view you click on the box and click remove. At the top right is the toolbar “Master View” and there you can click on “Close Master View”. Finished.

Thank you @Pansmanser and @Hrbrgr.

This solves my issue. Actually, I was assuming something like this, but couldn’t find it.