LO 6.1 installed in safe-mode. Why?

Had LO 5.x (think .2). Uninstalled it, then installed 6.1.3. Liked LO 5, but the newer ver sounded as if it had an improved layout. BIG MISTAKE. It does look better, but a lot of changes are now unaccessible due to safe-mode.
What should I do to get a Normal Install?

Windows 10, Version1809. Web browser Google Chome, Version 70.0.3538.102

I assume that what you are trying to say is that after the upgrade, when you start LibreOffice, the Safe Mode dialog is shown. Please describe what have you tried from what is offered in that dialog?

The first thing I’d recommend is to reset your user profile (one of the options there). Possibly some OpenGL incompatibility there, which might need disabling that (also on the dialog). So - what did you try?