LO Not Starting in Windows 10

I have never before had a problem installing and running LO in any version of Windows but now, suddenly, with the latest Windows updates, I am having problems: When I attempt to start LO it only gets as far as its opening title screen and then it stops, proceeding no further.

Please someone help, thanks

What do you mean by “latest Windows updates” exactly? Installation of Version 1903?

Yes, I mean just that. I mean the latest Windows update as of the timestamp of my posting my original question on this thread, of course.

Well? A single reply that doesn’t answer my question does not constitute an answer to that question. Is this what constitutes LibreOffice technical support?

Well? I suggest you think about what constitutes a volunteers-based development of a software product, which in no way compares to profit-based commercial products.

Or maybe you could just butt out of responding to posted questions when you have neither the requisite knowledge nor the inclination to good manners to be able to simply just answer the question. Instead you just superficially pretend to contribute something that is actually and obviously worthless, and where the answer to your waste-of-space nothingburger re-question was already addressed in my very first post.

Maybe you could’ve just stood aside and let someone else actually contribute something substantive and positive, instead. And, no, your dry smugness is not really a contribution – it’s just conceited obtuseness. Of course, probably the game you’re playing here is that any response you give to a question counts as “having been answered” so that either you or one of your buddies here can just close and seal the thread forever.

Classy. Real classy.

Looks like I have the same issue. Could not start LibreOffice on Windows 10 version 1903. The regular run just hangs. Try to run in safe mode which works from 3rd try. Clean up user profile does not help. Tried to reinstall without success. Also Tried to remove and install 6.1.6 and still got the same result. Could anyone advise something else to try?

@sergey1 the requests made by @anon73440385 usually have an important reason. With a few details it is difficult to find out which error might be present. I would like to try it here anyway. Here are some links (FAQ, M$). There might be something suitable, which helps you to find your mistake.


Fix Problems M$

You have already excluded a problem with the user profile.

I wish you success!

Thank you for advises. I tried such solutions and looks like now I can to run LibreOffice. I just could not open existed *.ods documents which worked fine before. I tried other files, like *.odp, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx and all they opens well. But *.odt files could not be opened. I see that libreoffice creates a *.lock file and freezes on stage document loading. I also tried to copy file and rename to use only Latin characters, but it did not help.

Thank you for help. In my case I solved all issues using Calc would not open ODS files after Win 10 update
I do not know why, but other documents opens fine just hangs when I tried to edit Printer Settings. But *.ods documents hang just at opening.

If you have any other issues that are not covered by your previous questions, please open a new introductory question.

I installed Libreoffice on Windows 10 (build 19041.450). I had exactly the same problems as you.
After numerous attempts I have randomly found the solution that worked for me and which I hope will work
also for other people. I launched LO in safe mode: I opened a command prompt window (cmd.exe) in
“C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program” and I typed “soffice.exe --safe-mode”. Or you can open a PowerShell window
(always in “C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program”) and type “./soffice.exe --safe-mode”. Among the various
options I chose to “Disable hardware acceleration (OpenGL, OpenCL)” and then clicked on “Apply changes and
restart”. This procedure complies with what is reported here: OpenGL - The Document Foundation Wiki (see “crash on program start” paragraph)