LO 6 download to Mac doesn't instal

LibreOffice 6.0.4_MacOS_x86-64.dmg.download; MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6; Safari 11.1.1.
I have downloaded LO 6.0.4 to my MacBook Pro’s download file. It just sits there. When I double-click it, it starts downloading again. I left-click it, ditto. I right-click it, ditto. Drag it to main screen, nothing. Drag it to applications, nothing. Now my Mac tells me it “does not appear to be a valid download.” Maybe because I did not change System Preferences to allow downloads from anyone?

Are you sure you are getting the correct file/link? Frm the Download page, you want:


Note the *.dmg file type/termination (unlike *.download in your post): once that has downloaded, double-clicking, or “opening” it will put a disk-image on your desktop, and give you this screen:


Dragging that LibreOffice.app icon to the Applications folder should complete your install. How is that different from what you see?

P.s. While you certainly should be able to install LibreOffice from the main site download, the good people at Collabora have packaged it in the AppStore. This makes for very convenient installation and maintenance. The appstore link is in this Collabora blog post, or you can get it directly with this Appstore link.

I’ve been happily (and gratefully) using this build on my MacBook for a long time. It’s great! (In fact, my Mac version is keeping up to date more quickly than the PPA for my Ubuntu machine!)

Thanks you for the links. Alas, when I copy/paste the URL you provided, the same thing happens: double-clicking makes the download re-download on my MacBook Pro, not open or launch. No file to drag to applications appears. The Collabora version costs $11.95; reviews say it is full of bugs and adware, and only prints in landscape, so I won’t go there yet.

I tried downloading in Firefox, since Safari downloads didn’t open. Firefox says “download failed” 3 times. Now I find a LibreOffice disk image in my downloads, but when I click it or drag it to Applications file, I get a “LibreOffice6.0.4_Mac( Image not recognized” error message. Maybe that’s the failed download?

@MadLibrarian - It’s very difficult to work out what the issue is with your MacBook. Do you have access to another machine (friend? family? work?) that you can attempt the download on? If the link, etc., works fine on another machine (and it works just fine on mine!), then … the issue isn’t with LibreOffice or its sources. I’m not sure we can offer any further help on that.

@MadLibrarian - As for Collabora Vanilla LibreOffice, it is a convenience – and you can see some rationale for the charge for that convenience in a blog post by one of the Collabora devs. It makes sense. I’ve been using this version since 2015, and it’s terrific. You’ll need to decide what is the best way forward in your (hardware) situation and (personal) inclinations. Hope that helps!