LO 6 macOS 10.13.3 : Startup / Ask to Recover / Say "No" / Crash endless loop

I downloaded the LO6 Mac OS X x86_64 release (sha256: b0e4bbac457a76a62240ae807c96f30fc0e94749a9d8622f47f0669cbf5783ac) to update my currently installed LO 5.4.2. When I first launched it, I chose a LO presentation that I had been editing earlier with LO 5.4.2. Strangely, LO 6 immediately presented a dialog saying “Due to an unexpected error, LibreOffice crashed. All the files you were working on will now be saved. The next time LibreOffice is launched, your files will be recovered automatically.”.

Then, on subsequent launches, I was confronted with the recover document dialog asking if I wished to recover the unsaved document. I clicked on “Discard”. An “Are you sure?” dialog was then presented, where I clicked on “Yes”. LO 6 crashed after I clicked on “Yes”. Restarting LO6, I was again greeted with the recover document dialog. And thus found myself stuck in a seemingly infinite loop.

My 2 questions:

  1. How does one break out of such a loop?

  2. Is this a problem endemic to LO6?

Cheers for any help…

Launch LibreOffice 6 and turn off OpenCL: Preferences > LibreOffice > OpenCL: deselect all options.

See this bug.

This happened to me under OS X v10.12.6.

What worked for me was to:

 1. Force LO to close via 'Force Quit' under the Apple menu.
 2. Go into the Application Support folder Users > 'Your Account Name' > Library > 
     Application Support > LibreOffice and rename the folder '4' (I used '4_original')

Launch LibreOffice and it will rebuild a new default profile. Everything worked perfectly after that for me.

Note that you will lose any customization and will have to copy over to the new profile folder any wordbooks, autocorrect/auto text files you may have from the old profile.

I hope this helps you.

I installed side-by-side copies of 5.4.4 and 6. When I went into 5.4.4 and turned off both OpenGL and OpenCL, that seems to have resolved the problem in 6. But I hope this won’t be necessary for long!

Comment: Thank you very much edgardo171
I had a similar problem with a Calc workbook on a Windows system.
The problem followed a power failure so everything had shut down without a chance to save.
Could not recover the file as suggested _ crashed.
Could not choose to discard the file _ crashed
By crashed I mean that windows detected "Libre Office is not working " I think “Correctly” was the next word and Windows closed the program.

Renaming the “4” folder got me able to open and edit again as before.
Uninstalling and re-installing, even with deleting all of the files I could find which had the time stamp from the power outage had not made Libre Office usable again.
Whoops! It did not last. And the document recovery in safe mode has also crashed.