LO 7.0.3's Navigator and Word's Outline view compatibility of saved changes

I need to edit a docx document made in the most recent version of Word 365. I need to edit the Outline view of it. LibreOffice 7.0.3’s Navigator allows me to edit the contents shown in Navigator, but when I save the document and send it back to the person using Word 365, will the changes I made in Navigator appear the same to them? Any bugs known about this?

Navigator displays an alternative view (Headings, Tables, Frames, Images, etc.) of the document, so any editing or moving you do IN Navigator changes the structure or ordering of the source document. So for example, if you move a heading to the top in Navigator it will be at the beginning of the document.

You can also use Navigator to “navigate” quickly to various parts of the document, so for example you can move quickly to each of the tables. Any changes you make in the main document window after you have navigated are valid changes to the document.

Structural (reordering) changes should appear the same no matter where you are viewing the document.

P.S.: there will always be a few differences between how LibreOffice and Word display specific formatting or changes, just due to the ways the two programs work. They will usually be very close. You will also find differences when the different computers have different fonts installed, which you can often manage by installing compatible fonts or changing the font substitution settings in LibreOffice.

Ok, I’m playing with Navigator and on a page the Right click → Paragraph settings, and I see how they affect each other. And I see how I can change the titles of the chapters and headers shown in Navigator by editing that on the page.

But do you mean by “Navigator displays an alternative view…” that it won’t display the same in Word’s Outline?

I just mean to check that the organization of chapters, headers, levels etc I see in Navigtaor will appear the same in Word’s Outline when I send the edited document back to someone using Word 365. I tried to upload the docx to the online version of 365 to test the compatibility, but I keep getting a “Sorry, we couldn’t upload your file” message.

(and how do I make paragraph breaks in these comments? (sorry))

It looks like you figured out how to make paragraph breaks! :wink:

Word’s “Outline” mode is very similar to LO’s Navigator, but I believe in Word you can edit the text while displaying it as an outline. But when I say Navigator is an “alternative view” of the document I mean you are looking at the same document, just with different details shown or hidden. It’s sort of like looking at an X-Ray image of a person or a photograph of the same person. The person in the image is the same and the general shape may be similar but you will see different details in the alternative views of a photograph or an X-Ray.

Unfortunately I cannot advise you on problems with Word 365. I recommend searching using Google or Bing with the keywords “Office 365 Sorry we couldn’t upload your file”

Yeah I searched that exact thing and didn’t see a discussion about the problem. I think maybe someone’s smartphone heard me say I would use 365 Online to check compatibility with features from LibreOffice so I don’t have to buy 365 to check, and so the smartphone-listening and Microsoft AI alliance is preventing my account from uploading, giving me difficulty to try to get me to buy 365. Maybe I’m just paranoid. But it’s a little suspicious nobody else has had that issue. Maybe other people did have that issue but Google is preventing me from seeing those discussions because it’s in cahoots.

Thanks for your help.