LO 7.3 for Linux: list of dependencies?

I am having great difficulties with key aspects of LO 7.3, such as:

  • cannot access any drives other than the /home drive
  • cannot see font labels in font drop-down box
  • cannot open any help file

One possible cause could be the dependencies for running LO 7.3 under Ubuntu 22.04

So, has anybody found a list for all the dependencies required? Any links? thanks.

From that (and the other cannot) I’d deduce you’re using a Snap build. For those, restricted permissions seem normal (despite no font labels sounding like a missing permission bug). You’d probably have to define extra permissions for the Snap package (don’t ask me if and how that would work). Or, you could use the distribution’s (older) release, or for a fresh release download and install the TDF build from Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft which installs to /opt/.

… or use the Ubuntu LibreOffice packaging team PPA (which would be the recommended way to have latest updates on that OS).

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@erAck , good guess, but off. I installed LO from the Ubuntu (deb) repository, which is Linux o/s [not windows]. thanks anyway.


  • Thanks for link. I have tried experimental builds before, with terrible results. But I shall keep an open eye and mind.
  • I like LO, but it has been too buggy these past 2 years, and has zero support. Not even a list of dependencies is provided, so users like me have no starting point to begin the process of deducing possible causes.
  • Here is a real example… I have 2 machines. Both are loaded with the exact same releases for Ubuntu 22.04 and LO 7.3. LO is installed from repositories (not snaps) on both machines. On machine A, font labels appear in the dropdown box. On machine B, no fonts appear.
  • And other bugs.

Well, you obviously get support here and on user mailing lists, no? If you want professional business support then choose one of the ecosystem partners that provide it, see LibreOffice in business | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft .

The list of dependencies is provided by the Linux distribution you use to install the packages. Specifically on Ubuntu as it is based on Debian it’s nailed in the .deb packages and the package manager takes care of installing required (and optionally suggested) packages. You can list dependencies with

apt-cache showpkg libreoffice

(note it may list information for more than one version if the distribution provides multiple versions) and then dive down deeper into Dependencies listed packages like for Writer

apt-cache showpkg libreoffice-writer

and so on until satisfied.

If you also want to see suggested packages you may use

apt-cache show libreoffice | grep -E '^(Depends|Suggests):'

Is it indeed exactly the same installation (and not even the window managers or installed fonts or other packages differ)? Or do desktop integrations differ, like libreoffice-kde5 vs libreoffice-gnome vs libreoffice-gtk3? Did you try to reset your profile or start in safe mode on the machine where font labels don’t appear? Help → Restart in Safe Mode…

Thanks for noticing my post.

  • Unfortunately, my comment holds true. I receive comments from other people, but not solutions. LO has zero support. I have yet to reach the LO developers. I do not see why I should pay for pro help to resolve a basic feature, when others receive the feature freely.

  • Respectfully, yours are comments, not solutions. Listing installed packages or dependencies is not a solution. I need a list of what must be installed, then compare to what I have.

  • Yes, both machines have exactly the same releases of LO and Ubuntu 22.04. The LO is not installed from the snaps.

  • The disappearing fonts labels have been a problem with Ubuntu 21, also.

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen /opt/libreoffice7.3/program/soffice

  • Invoking LO from the command line, to override GTK, results in a microscopic LO GUI on a 4K monitor. The colour scheme changes by default, with the result the font drop down box shows labels, the highlighter is blue, and the highlighted text is white. But this method is simply not workable.

  • The result tells me the problematic LO has defaulted to a white text on a white background, for the drop down box only. The issue is how to resolve this anomaly? Deleting the user profile does nothing. Reinstalling LO from repository does nothing.

  • thanks again.

Developers give voluntary support. Here or elsewhere. You already received comments and answers by two developers in this thread.

You asked for a list of dependencies, I gave you the commands to obtain them. That is the solution to your question.

That does not answer the question if the installations are otherwise identical, apart from Ubuntu version and LO.

Then maybe it is a problem of the Ubuntu build of LibreOffice that under some circumstances lacks font labels?

Then did you try to install the TDF build downloaded from the LO site as mentioned in my answer, to see if that solves the problem?


Thanks for reply.

  • Unfortunately, reviewing installed and suggested pkgs did not resolve the problem. Per the lists, I seem to have all dependencies. I was hoping a missing dependency would resolve the problem, but alas no.
  • The core issue is the disappearance of font labels in the font dropdown box for LO Writer.
  • Purely by chance, with no inkling at all, I resolved the core issue by changing the windowing. On the laptop, I wanted to alter the monitor gamma by issuing a command at startup. This caused me to switch windowing from Wayland to X11.
  • Voila, This simple change resolves the core issue. LO Writer now displays black text against a white background in the dropdown box.
    • regards