LO Impress Lock File Cannot Be Created

I am running LO on Windows 10 Professional 21H2 64-bit. I open an existing Impress file, and I get the popup window “The lock file could not be created for exclusive access by LibreOffice, due to missing permission to create a lock file on that file location or lack of free disk space.” I assume that the lock file is to be created in the same directory as the Impress file. That directory has “10,485,030,912 bytes free”. And, since I am the only user on the machine, I have permission to create files in the directory in which the Impress file is stored on that disk. My C–disk has “4,476,960,768 bytes free”.

Can you create a new document and save to the same location?

If not then you probably need to add LibreOffice (or soffice.bin) to your anti virus Allowed List.

Please check if the directory and the file name combined length is greater than 250+ characters. There is a regression in 7.4 that broke long path handling on Windows: tdf#151117.

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The total length of directory name + filename is 33 characters.

I opened the .ppt in read-only mode. Then I opened a new presentation. After selecting a theme I got a pop-up window: “Write Error The file could not be written.” I have no problem with any other application writing to any directory on this disk. I am running Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Webroot Secure Anywhere. I am not sure where to look. I see nothing in the Event Log. Is there any diagnostic tool I can run to try to determine what I need to set? Thanks.

If you are running other anti-virus software then Defender is probably turned off. To add an app to the allowed list in Defender:

  1. Open the Windows Security by selecting the shield icon in the task bar or searching the start menu for Defender.

  2. Select the Virus & threat protection tile (or the shield icon on the left menu bar) and then select Manage Ransomware protection.

  3. Under the Controlled folder access section, select Allow an app through Controlled folder access

  4. Select Add an allowed app and follow the prompts to add apps. You need to allow access to soffice.bin, (probably C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.bin). Navigate to the folder and start writing in soffice.bin and the file should appear as a choice. Click Open

You will have to find a similar way to add LibreOffice (soffice.bin) to an allowed list for your other anti-virus software


Where do you want to write your impress file (and its lock)?

Windows allows applications launched in normal mode (not in admin mode) to write in user reserved directory (found in Windows/Users/“Your user name”) where you find “My Documents”, “Images”, “Videos” etc. directories.
You cannot write in “Windows”, “Program Files” etc. directories, except if the application is launched in admin mode.

Note that it would not be a good idea to launch LO in admin mode and to write files in “Program Files” or “Windows” directories.



The Impress file I have opened is on my D:-disk; it is a disk on which I store data files. Impress will not create a lock on this disk; OpenOffice has no problems. I assume that LO does not care that this disk has FAT32-formatting, not NTFS. In the window where I have this Impress file open, I clicked on New Impress, and LO complained that it could not save the file. I know that certain directories on my C:-disk are reserved by the Windows 10 operating system for its own use.


OK, that was just “preliminary checks”.

There are three hypotheses:

  • a bug,

  • a write permissions problem,

  • a corrupted profile.

1st check: launch LO in admin mode (on Windows 10 start menu, instead of left click use right click, a sub-menu will appear where you can select “launch in admin mode”).

If you can save your file in your directory:

  • you have a workaround,

  • there is no LO bug,

  • and the write permissions problem is confirmed.

To solve the write permission problem: check the properties of your directory / security, owner and read/write permissions, to see if something is wrong. If no problem detected, try to uninstall LO and install it again launching the installer in admin mode (in Explorer, right click on the installer executable, and select “launch as admin”). This is a general recommendation, since, when you install programs win admin mode, you are sure that all the permissions are correctly set.

2nd check: if the launch of LO in admin mode does not solve the problem, it is not a write permission problem.

It might come from your user profile being corrupted.

This page explains how to find where your user profile is installed

Once its location identified, quit LO, backup your profile and delete it (this will not affect the files you created with LO).

Launch LO, it will create a new uncorrupted user profile. Test if your problem has disappeared or not. If the problem has disappeared, install your extensions, one by one, testing after each extension installation that your problem is still not there again.


If all this does not work, it is probably a bug (LO 7.4.1 is a “fresh” version being developed, not fully tested, with potentially lots of bugs). Report it following these instructions (Ask LibreOffice is a users help forum, and not the place to report bugs).

You will need to create a free account on Bugzilla to report the bug; this will also allow you to search for a similar bug and see if some people proposed a solution or a workaround for this bug.

You might test more stable versions of LO:

  • 7.3.6, the latest version of the “still” branch,
  • 7.2.7, the final version of the 7.2 branch.



I opened LO in administrator mode, and it put me in a menu to create a database. I clicked something, and LO complained that my Java Runtime Environment was not 64-bit. I clicked “Save”. Then I had the ability to open my .ppt file. It opened fine.

Is there a way to open LO in admin mode and not automatically get into the “create database” menu?

I guess that I will have to research JRE 64-bit. Every time I update JRE, it tells me that I have not been using JRE and that I maybe should uninstall it. I do not understand this, but this is not an LO problem.

If LO 7,4,1 is a “development” release, why is it listed prominently on the download page? I prefer not to run development releases, unless that has a fix for a problem. I was running a development release of Thunderbird to diagnose a problem.

I am new to LO. I am running OpenOffice, but I had a problem (not yet reproducible) where Impress was not displaying graphics in my file. The OO forum on the Internet suggested I switch to LO because LO has more bug fixes than OO.

I will try to re-install LO in admin mode.

@bsfinkel ,

Can you please open a new topic, your database problem has nothing to do with Impress anymore.