LO font glitch with LO Base forms when opened through Base or as a separate saved form

I have a number of database entry/search forms prepared in LO Base and saved as stand-alone database forms. Font in these forms was universal in size and style (I used default) with tables, labels, and text boxes.

With the transition from LO Linux x86_64 to Linux x86_64, labels and text box fonts are smaller and of a different font style. The font did not change in tables. The font settings for tables and labels/text boxes are the same when seen under Control Properties → Font:

The font glitch results in text that is too small to review data without eye strain. I have attached a screenshot of one of my forms:

My operating system is OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 20230521. My fonts have not been customized for LO or LO Writer.

Can this be fixed? Is there is a setting I can use to globally fix this glitch in my forms?


It is Bug 153343. I don’t use LO 7.5 because of this (and other) buggy behavior in GUI of Base forms. Default font size appears as 8 pt, but form controls will show 10 pt. Default color of buttons and border appear dark grey, but has been light gray up to LO

You have to set the font size manually. Mark all fields and set the font size, for example, to 11 pt. Save all and then mark all back to 10 pt. It will be shown with 10 pt after this action.

Thanks @RobertG. I had figured out how to change the size, but the family (?) of font changed as well and I do not know what is the correct font family as it does not seem to relate to what is listed under control properties → font. Also, when this does ge fixed, if I change fonts now, I will have to have to go through the same problem again.

I did a scrub and reinstall on my two computers a couple of weeks ago which brought in the offending LO 7.5. Is there an easy way to get LO 7.4 with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed that will not wreak havoc on something else in my reinstall?


If you have set the font size it won’t change any more. Reading of default font size will be the problem.

The font will be the default font of your system. I’m using OpenSUSE 15.4. The font I could see in system settings → Fonts. Default is Noto Sans 10 pt here.

I have installed many versions of LO parallel as user installed versions. Downloaded the packages (program, translation and help), extracted this packages and load all the *.rpm-files in a folder. Created a folder “install” in this folder an started terminal in this “install”-folder. Then execute for i in ../*.rpm; do rpm2cpio $i | cpio -id; done and the whole LO will be installed in this folder. LO could be started from /opt/libreoffice7.4/program/soffice

Thanks @RobertG. I played with System Settings → Appearance → Fonts → General where I opened up a form and changed General Fonts size to 14 and then applied. All of my tables, text boxes and labels went to 14 pt. I then repeated except set to 10 pt and applied. All went to 10 pt. I then closed my form, reopened it and I was back to the small font glitch again. At least I have a bit faster way to change the font size for an opened form.

Thanks for directions on how to install an older version of LO. But, given a couple of dozen forms I have, Mariadb database master-master replication and other computers involved, I will at this time adjust the font on an open form through system settings or with document zoom while I wait for 7.6 to rectify this problem.

Thank you for your help.

I won’t wait for a solution. When creating a form I will select all controls and set the font to a font I want, change the size of the font from 10 to 11 and close the control properties window. Then I select all controls again and reset the size for the font to 10 and 10 will be saved.

The default size is recognized wrong. And nothing has changed for this in LO and also LO Beta1.

Thanks for for insight on this @RobertG. I did go back to my approx 60 forms and set fonts so they were not on default. I find it too long to wait for 7.7 (or longer) for a fix.

I do enjoy using LO Base with my Mariadb databases. However, it gets hard to advocate using LO Base as a database GUI to other people when default fonts glitch like this.