LO 7 Calc Cell formats and copy/paste data

LibreOffice v.
Terribly sorry to ask, however: I have a task on hands to enter spare part serial numbers and customer phone numbers in a Calc Sheet. Well, paste serials from another text file, actually, not to type them in.
Here comes what i struggle with:

  • if i have a serial starting with one or several digits “0” these are silently swallowed by the cell despite all my efforts to PasteSpecial-> PasteUnformattedText or PasteOnlyText. Cells i paste into are pre-and-post-formatted “Text”, “@”

  • i do have a local phone number data only; final table has to be in a form “00[3-digit CountryCode][8-digit local phone number]”. I have tried to use Cell format code “00123@”; this works if i type phone numbers, not so if i paste number into the cell.

Could somebody be so kind as to make some suggestions?
Thank you.

Paste only value w/o replacing formats (check options). It should work.

If i copy and try to paste more than one cell of data i’m presented with a Text Import form; key here was to highlight shown data which will be pasted and specifically choose Column type as a Text.

@eeigor If i Ctrl Shift V as Paste Unformatted Text established before cell format gets destroyed; since phone number is digits formatting after the paste shows “Numbers”. Again, previously described trickery on the Text Import popup form tick “Data” to select, tick “Text” for a format helps to solve this. While paste operation still destroys target cell formats it’s now “Text” and can be changed to my prefix/code.

Thank you, i hope this is solved, more or less.