LO 7 find carriage return

I am new to this program and I want to do what I used to do in MSWord, that is having used CTRL C to copy text from PDF files remove the extra carriage returns at the end of lines and retain only those at the end of paragraphs.

When you paste text from a PDF, you end up with a collection of one-line paragraphs as shown by enabling View>Formatting Marks.

Consequently, Writer can make no distinction between a paragraph mark used to denote a line break and a real paragraph mark. Only you as a human reader can.

“Normalising” text is a somewhat manual procedure assisted by Edit>Find & Replace.

In the F&R dialog, input $ in the Find box (this represents a paragraph break), enter a space in Replace, chack the box for Regular expressions.

Press Find Next until you are on a paragraph break to turn into a line break and press Replace.

Repeat until your text is transformed according to your taste.

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