LO able to open Appleworks 6 documents?

I am still using OS 6 (snow Leopard) and have been delaying up grade to Mavericks because it will not support those application which I have been using for years on my Intel iMac.

Duplicate of this question.

I can’t tell you not enouch Mac expertise. But, make a safety copy and just try it!

(There was another thread about this - except the special version - on ask…)

(There are also similar threads concerning open office - and it might be the same.)

This may be a detour …
I don’t know anything about special problems withe V6 of Appleworks. And I don’t know anything about Appleworks at all except …

Appleworks was the late name of ClarisWorks from which name was derived the file extension “CWK” for its container files (different application categories). The binary format was from the 1980es/90es as were those of Lotus 123 … MS Works …

… AND the ORIGINAL StarOffice by StarDivision, the renowned ancestor of all SO, xOO, LibO. The StarOffice versions - I think upt to SUN’s SO8 - could be installed with a LOT of import filters. I still keep (on Win 8 now) a working installation of StarOffice 5.2 from 2000 installed with all the filters for similar purposes. Though I did never, I might now test if it is capable opening a CWK created with V6 of Apl/ClarWks.
SO 5.2. for Win does also install and run under WINE. So will, I think SO8 (but that’s huge).
Those old versions will, of course, be able to save to the binary formats that were still to open by LibO 3.x.y (Legacy code). And at least 3.6.x you can still get as a portable app version - if needed from me.