LO Base 3.4: Display all records from a table on separate pages?

Hi all,

I know LO 3.4 is old, but my work IT department refuses to upgrade. :frowning: Anyways…

I hope I can explain this well. I have a database with one table. The table has multiple fields (name, description, point1, point2… and so on). What I want to do is print each record in this table but using one page per record. The page is set up with the text in specific locations with lines and graphics. The table will have hundreds of records that will change. However, each record needs to be displayed in the same manner, so I want a report that will generate all the pages where I click print and all will be printed. I have created a report in Base but it only displays one record at a time and I need to use the next and previous arrows to change records. This would be time consuming to click next and print for each one. In this version of Base, there is no Report Builder that I can find. I only had the option to create a Report from wizard, so I did that and deleted everything and rebuilt it in the order I wanted. The wizard did have it so all the fields were displayed in a table. However, that is not how I want it to look. I need to dynamically make all pages based on the one master template.

Also, I’m looking at wanting to filter the data in the future. There is a date field for when a record is changed. Would it be possible to only make a report with records after manually given date so only those recently changed are displayed and printed?

I hope this is clear, if not let me know and I will try to mock something up.


When you say “the page”, which page are you talking about ? The Form or some separate document in which you’ve inserted your fields ? Seems to me that you want to be using mailmerge instead.

Use mailmerge instead. Create a Writer template containing the layout and other data that doesn’t come from the values of your database fields. Now press the F4 function key, which should display the databrowser. On the left hand side, you should be able to see the databases registered with LO. If yours isn’t there you will have to register it. If it is already there, choose whether you want to create your mailmerge from just a table, a view or an existing query. The advantage of using a pre-existing query is that you can define your query to sort the data beforehand. Once you have selected the datasource with the mouse (table, query or view) you can now drag and drop the column headers from the large window showing the data values into your Writer document and position them where you want. Save the Writer document, close the datasource browser with F4. Now print your Writer document, you will see a message indicating that the document contains form fields, and whether you want to print as is or carry out a mailmerge. Choose mailmerge and the corresponding wizard will start, allowing you to choose all or just some of the records for your mailmerge. Follow the wizard through to the end. You should get a report that prints out the records you chose, one to each page.