LO Base Timestamp display error

I just upgraded from LO 3.5 to on Ubuntu 12.04.

We have a database, HSQLDB 2.3, which is used to store employee work time. We use Base as the front end. We use a split configuration db which is stored in a shared Dropbox folder.

Two computers access the DropBox files, one is running Windows 8 and LO and the other is running Ubuntu 12.04, and LO 4.1.04.

All the tables, etc have been developed on the Windows machine.

One table has 3 timestamp fields, two are set to default to current_timestamp when the record is created and the 3rd field is set to current_timestamp after a triggering event occurs.

When you open the table in the Ubuntu LO the displayed dates are correct, however all times are set to 12:00 am. Although the display is incorrect, the correct system time is being recorded in the database. This is verified when the table is opened in the Windows LO, where all the records are correctly displayed.

All formats in the table, forms and reports are set correctly.

As a test I copied data from the table as displayed on the Ubuntu machine and pasted it into a Calc spreadsheet. The times were incorrectly displayed.

I repeated the test on the Windows machine (accessing the same database), pasted the records into a spreadsheet, saved the spreadsheet and opened it on the Ubuntu machine. This time the time display was correct.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


The fix is to update your version of LO - there was :
(1) a known bug in timestamp display in LO 4.1
(2) a change in LO API date/time in LO 4.1 development

So, update your Linux LO version to a current release.