LO Base 4.1: Multiple records side by side on same page?

Hi all,

I need to have specially formatted prints of records of an exact size, the width of A6, but not as high. Currently, I just print it to A6 paper and cut off the extra bit on the line I put in. The main issue is that the printer prints at an offset of 2.5mm, so I have taken this into account by having a page header of that size, so when it prints, everything is perfectly lined up.

The challenge I have is that if we run out of A6 paper and need to print to A4 paper, it would make sense to print 4 to a page to minimize waste. I have tried the “Print 4 to a page” method in writer, however, since I have the 2.5mm header, that is also printed for the bottom row, thus making those ones 2.5mm taller.

Using the Report Builder in 4.1, is there a way to divide that repeating region in half, so I have have two of the templates side by side, then when it repeats down, there would be 4 to a page in the correct alignment and easy to cut out on the lines?


Do you need the Report Builder? Please try it with labels. That is in File > New > Labels. You can specify your own label layout and save it on the tab “Format”. It will be saved in your user settings. So next time it will be available in the drop-down list. You need to register the data base, otherwise you cannot select it.

Or this way: The report is in most cases a text document. So you can use the tab “Print Layout” of the printing dialog to put four DIN A6 pages on one sheet of paper. You have to set the paper size in the printer properties and tell LibreOffice to “use only paper size from printer preferences” in the tab “Options” in the printing dialog.