LO Base 5.0 5.1 Can no longer change font attributes in Forms

Noticed after upgrading LO Base from 4.4 that all bold attributes on Fonts in forms had been lost, unlike any previous upgrade. Worse, even though it appears the attributes can be updated as usual when editing Forms, the edits are not actioned.
Installed on a Intel Core i7 based PC running Mint 17.3 MATE.
This problem never happened under any previous update. I’ll have to stay with 4.4 until a fix is found.

Turns out this is a known and reported bug (see Bugzilla – Bug 93372)
Unfortunately for me, the issue is rated as Importance: medium normal, and not yet assigned for action.
However, having realized how many outstanding items exist for Base (which is still an excellent product),
I’ll wait patiently for a fix. If all else fails, I could fall back to OpenOffice.

Jan 5th, 2018 update - very disappointed that this serious bug that was introduced after version has not been addressed yet. As someone using Base as a front end to MySQL for a serious business purpose I did not expect this downgrade from the original OpenOffice product to occur and not to be seen as worth addressing.