Lo base mysql link issues

I have upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 x64. As a result, my LO was upgraded to I have a number of mysql databases that I front-end with LO Base forms. These have worked for years with occasional tweaks required after upgrades. My latest issue involves problems with links between form and subforms. As an example, I have a table named ‘person’. I link that to another table named artist using the key and foreign key fields of the table ‘person’ with key ‘person_id’ and the table ‘artist’ with foreign key ‘person_id’. When I open the form, I get the following error:

The data could not be loaded. Parameter index out of range.

The Form Properties for the subform artist shows the correct linkage between master and slave fields; master being music.person.person_id_id and slave being music.artist.person_id. If I query my database directly, it works as it should. The only thing that looks a little different is when choosing the master and slave fields, theb subform is on the left and the master is on the right. Perhaps this makes no difference, but I recall the form used to always be on the left and the subform on the right. However, I changed nothing to get to this point in LO and everything was fine in all previous versions.

What has happened to LO Base to cause this very basic issue?


Please see answer in this post → Form got broken with Libreoffice Base version and later [MySQL(ODBC)]

Thank you. That took care of the problem(s). I used the original fix there, but read further to see it is easily fixable using Advanced Settings. In any case, my database and forms-subforms work again. LO Base seems to crash somewhat frequently, but recovers okay. I hope the next upgrade will take care of that.