LO Base on Ubuntu 20.04 crashes constantly

I have Ubuntu 20.04 and LO I had an initial issue that was fixed by the question at link:text. Since then I have been having constant crashes with LO Base. By starting Base from a terminal, I have gotten the following messages when Base crashes:

(soffice:153988): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
assertion ‘n >= 0’ failed


(soffice:153988): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
15:41:16.844: gtk_list_store_remove:
assertion ‘iter_is_valid (iter,
list_store)’ failed

This is driving me crazy… Any suggestions?


Only can come up with a few possibilities.

If you manually changed the content.xml file, possible something was changed inadvertently. Hopefully you have a backup prior to the change and possibly take a different direction.

Another possibility is a problem with Ubuntu. This seems weak since I have Ubuntu 20.04 (I think I had done a clean install vs upgrade from 18.04) with MySQL v8 but using LO v7.1.3.2 from TDF and do not have this problem. I am also mainly using JDBC for the connection. (MySQL is for testing only - switched to PostgreSQL quite some time ago).

Only other idea I currently have is to file a bug report.

I found an extra character in the content.xml file that, once fixed, cleared up the above messages. However, the crashes are still there with no messages. I entered a bug report, but I have little hope that they will respond. I’ll just have to wait and see.