LO Base - Data Entry

Can I perform data entry directly into a table or query? This is for myself and I don’t need anything fussy. Thanks.


Yes you can enter data into the View of the table. A query is typically used to retrieve specific information in a table with possible conditions.

Forms are typically used to enter data. they are easy to create and the Form Wizard will do most or all the work. This makes entry even easier than a table view (my opinion). You may not need anything “fussy” but the real question becomes why enter the data in the first place? Surely you must have a reason which may then be better to take a different direction. The key to using any module/application is why are you doing it?

Seems you are new to Base. Here is the location for the documentation → LibreOffice Base Handbook. The documentation has many samples (which you can also download) and further down the page is a tutorial on database creation.

Thank you. Yes, I am new to Base but worked in Access, a decade ago. Thank you for the link, I’ll make good use of it.