LO Base Form Spin Scroll Dropdown Input Alternatives

I’m using LO Base Version: (x64) to build a catalog for teaching materials. I’m a noob at modern DB’s. When I studied DB’s in university, the program was only a single table DBMS. I’ve read a couple SQL books, but I’m a novice at best. I recently came across the LO Base Handbook and am reading through that.

The DB has fields for recommended minimum and maximum ages and I would like to add an extra method of input. It appears that the easiest ways in Base would be either a spin button or a scroll wheel, but it also seems that they must be created via Macros (according to https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/5/50/BH5004-Forms.pdf). I think that is beyond my skill set at the moment.

I was able to find a drop down list in the combo box, but it seems to only hold already inserted data. I want to offer the user a way to input data with a mouse rather than typing. Any help toward this would be much appreciated. Thank you.