LO Base, How to: SET and READ "Text File Global Properties"?

LO_7.0.2.2, HSQLDB embedded & registered, Windows10_64bit


For Text File Usage and Text File Global Properties the HyperSQL User Guide (HyperSQL Database Engine 2.6.0) states the following:

  • text file locations are restricted to below the directory that contains the database, unless the textdb.allow_full_path property is set true as a Java system property.
  • The database engine uses a set of defaults for text table properties. Each table’s data source may override these defaults.
  • It is also possible to override the defaults globally, so they apply to all text tables.
  • The statement SET DATABASE TEXT TABLE DEFAULTS can be used to override the default global properties.


  1. How to read the current “Text File Global Properties” ?
  2. Running this SQL from LO_main_window ==> Tools ==> SQL… :

    SET DATABASE TEXT TABLE DEFAULTS 'textdb.allow_full_path=false'

    triggers the following error:

Unexpected token TEXT, requires COLLATION in statement [SET DATABASE TEXT]

3. Running this Basic code from within the IDE" :
Sub Main
docmd.runSQL ("SET DATABASE TEXT TABLE DEFAULTS 'textdb.allow_full_path=false'")
End Sub

triggers error:

Error #1523 (SQL Error, SQL statement = ‘SET DATABASE TEXT TABLE DEFAULTS ‘textdb.allow_full_path=false’’) occurred in a call to function ‘RunSQL’

How to make (2) &/or (3) work?


Not certain of your situation as I have not looked at it in any detail but do know you are looking at the wrong documentation. Please see my first comment under the question on this post → List of SQL functions in HSQLDB embedded database?

Some brief testing shows SQL syntax to work in HSQLDB v2.5.1 but not in HSQLDB embedded v1.8