LO Base, How to: Switch off Event-triggered Macros during Recovery Process?


  • My LO_Base.odb contains macros, and some of these macros are set to auto-run when the DB opens and/or is closed.

  • This is done by assigning a startup-macro to the “Open Document” event, and a closedown-macro to the “View is going to be closed” event:

    LO_Base_Main_Window ==> Tools ==> Customize ==> [Events] Tab ==> (in there assign macros to corresponding events)

  • So, basically, my LO_Base.odb runs macro-code when it’s opened and closed.

  • After LO_Base crashed, the recovery process kicks in, when opening this DB the next time.

  • When the recovery process opens the DB, it also executes the macro assigned to the “Open Document” event, but it also looks like the 2 processes overlap.

  • The recovery process seems to still be ongoing, while the macro-code is already executing.

My concern is, that these concurrent 2 processes mess each other up in a rather unpredictable way (please correct me if this is an unjustified concern)


  1. Is there a way to ignore assigned events during the recovery process only?
  2. Or would there be a way to delay assigned-events during the recovery process, so assigned macros only trigger after the recovery process was completed 100% ?


Have experienced this occasionally for years and do not see this as a concern.

Would not even know how to identify in the macros when a recovery is in process (not saying there isn’t one). It does seem to me that you can not actually start a macro with most events mentioned unless there is a document to open and the recovery is getting that in place.